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February 26, 2020

Planning on Hiring This Year? Keep These Tips in Mind!

1. Plan your interview carefully. 

Employers ask a variety of questions of potential hires during the interview process to determine fitness for the job based on work history, temperament, and skill-set.

Now, questions about prior salary are off the table in several states. For example, New Jersey joins the ranks of several states that bar employers from asking potential employment candidates questions about their current or prior salary levels starting this year.

If you're planning on on-boarding one or more employees this year, check the labor regulations in your state to make sure salary inquiries are allowed prior to starting your interview process.

2. Make sure your potential hire is eligible to work in the United States.
Any new employee should be able to provide proof of eligibility with form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.

This form, which can be found here, must be filled out for all future employees. Please keep in mind that ITINs are not valid US Social Security Numbers and do not authorize employment in the United States.

If in doubt of a potential employee's eligibility, employers can access the free E-Verify system provided by the Social Security Administration here.

3. Work out a training plan.
Regardless of the skills your potential new hire comes to the job with, your specific expectations may vary from what he or she has done in the past.

Partner with employees you may already have in the role you are filling to prepare with a comprehensive training plan to ensure your new hire will be well-equipped to perform the tasks of the job the way you need them to be executed.

Our partners at Mammoth HR can help with preparing employee handbooks and other materials needed to start your new employee off on the right foot!

4. Contact your Payroll Specialist for help entering your new employees into the myPay Solutions Direct application or watch one of our tutorial videos here.