How A/B Testing Can Improve Your Effectiveness

Thinking about trying a new marketing method that could help you test any variable, and gain valuable insight on your effectiveness? Then look no further than A/B split testing. It is a simple measurement method that could positively influence your direct response marketing efforts.

With A/B split testing, you split your target audience into two random groups and try out ideas that are identical, with the exception of one key variable. For example, let’s say you’re trying to see what delivery service works best for you. You select two groups of customers at random and ship their purchases using either UPS or USPS. The key is to use the same sample size for both groups, and to make sure their locations vary. This way, you’ll get an accurate representation of how well each service worked as a possible delivery method.

Once your campaign has run its course, it’s easy to look at the delivery times and average cost for both groups and determine which delivery method was more effective. This is an easy experiment to conduct, and it can provide you with valuable information.

A/B split testing can be used for just about any variable, and it’s especially useful for testing different business practices. If you own a salon, you could offer a free wash and style to one group and a free 30-minute facial to the other. Which would be more effective in bringing in new customers?

You might get more requests for the free wash and style, but the 30-minute facial might result in a higher rate of sales.

It’s not what we test that’s important — it’s that we continue to test and find ways to improve. Embracing A/B split testing and using it consistently can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your business ideas.

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